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Thanks to all those who made eHPWAS 2014 a successful event with a very good interactions between attendees and a high level of the presentations. See you for eHPWAS 2015 ! (follow us on twitter for the latest news)

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October 8th, 2014 - WiMob'14 first day Workshops

  9:00-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:30-11:30 11:30-1:30 workshops 3:10-3:40 3:40-4:40
R1 CNBuB break CNBuB lunch IoT (1:30-3:10) break  
VENUS CWN break CWN lunch eHPWAS (1:50-3:10) break  
R3 SCUCA break SCUCA lunch DSoNets (2:40-3:10) break  
R4 EN4PPDR break EN4PPDR lunch EN4PPDR (2:10-3:10) break EN4PPDR

eHPWAS (1:50-3:10) :  
Room : VENUS

presentation from :1:50-2:10 (including 5mn of questions)
- "A New Web-based E-health platform"

Noura Baccar, Ridha R. Bouallegue, B.

presentation from :2:10-2:30 (including 5mn of questions)
- "GRASP for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows, synchronization and precedence constraints"

Syrine Roufaida Ait Haddadene, Nacima Labadie, Caroline Prodhon

presentation from :2:30-2:50 (including 5mn of questions)
- "Continuous wearable health monitoring using novel PPG optical sensor and device"

Armen Poghosyan, Vahram Mouradian, Levon Hovhannisyan

presentation from :2:50-3:10 (including 5mn of questions)
- "iHealth:A Fuzzy approach for provisioning Intelligent Health-care system in Smart City"

Suman Sankar Bhunia, Sourav Dhar, Nandini Mukherjee

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