the sixth international workshop on
Pervasive Wireless Applications and Services
October 15, 2018 - Limassol, Cyprus
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Program schedule - Monday, October 15, 2018

  8:30 - 13:00 * Registration (St. Raphael Resort)
9:00 10:30 * Room : Megaron B
Session 1 Session H1 (eHPWAS -- H1) (25 min per paper including 10 min of questions)
Session Chair: Tayeb Lemlouma

  Christoph Thuemmler; Claudia Rolffs; Gerhard Hindricks; William J Buchanan; Andreas Bollmann
Requirements for 5G based telemetric cardiac monitoring

  Markos Tsipouras; Nikolaos Giannakeas; Thomas Tegou; Ilias Kalamaras; Konstantinos Votis; Dimitrios Tzovaras
Assessing the Frailty of Older People using Bluetooth Beacons Data

  Franca Delmastro; Cristina Dolciotti; Filippo Palumbo; Massimo Magrini; Flavio Di Martino; Davide La Rosa; Umberto Barcaro
Long-term care: how to improve the quality of life with mobile and e-health services

  Heini Utunen; Paula Christen; Gaya Gamhewage; Ursula Zhao; Melissa Attias
Knowledge transfer for Ebola outbreak - production and use of online learning resources

10:30 - 11:00 * Coffee Break

11:00 12:30 * Room : Megaron B
Session 1 Session H2 (eHPWAS -- H2) (25 min per paper including 10 min of questions)
Session Chair: Tayeb Lemlouma

  Muhammad Taimoor Khan; Dimitrios Serpanos; Howard Shrobe
Highly Assured Safety and Security of e-Health Applications

  Junqi Zhao; Esther Obonyo
E-health of Construction Works: A Proactive Injury Prevention Approach

Best Paper Award José Manuel Negrete Ramírez; Philippe Roose; Marc Dalmau; Yudith C. Cardinale
An event detection framework for the representation of the AGGIR variables

12:30 - 14:00 * Lunch

14:00 15:30 * Room : Megaron G
Session 1 Session C2+H3 (eHPWAS -- H3 with CWN'18) (25 min per paper including 10 min of questions)

  Nikos Koutsouris; Pavlos Kosmides; Konstantinos Demestichas; Evgenia Adamopoulou; Katerina Giannakopoulou; Vanessa De Luca
InLife: a platform enabling the exploitation of IoT and gamification in healthcare

  Alexander Münzberg; Janina Sauer; Andreas Hein; Norbert Rösch
The use of ETL and data profiling to integrate data and improve quality in food databases

19:00 * Welcome Cocktail

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