the Tenth International Workshop on
Pervasive Wireless Applications and Services
October 10, 2022 - Thessaloniki, Greece
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Program schedule

     program details

  8:30 - 13:00 * Registration (Place)
9:00 10:30 * Room : 01
Session 1 Session eHPWAS'22 - HP1: e-Health, artificial intelligence, and machine learning *  
Session Chair:
Tayeb Lemlouma
  Mateusz Korycinski; Konrad A Ciecierski; Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz
Neural fiber prediction with deep learning

  Sergio Staab; Ludger Martin; Simon Krissel; Johannes Luderschmid
Recognition Models for Distribution and Out-of-Distribution of Human Activities

  * Ayan Chatterjee
LSTM Step Prediction and Ontology-Based Recommendation Generation in Activity eCoaching

  Guilhem Piat; Nasredine Semmar; Alexandre Allauzen; Hassane Essafi; Gaël Bernard; Julien Tourille
Adapting without forgetting: KnowBert-UMLS

10:30 - 11:00 * Coffee Break
11:00 12:30 * Room : 01
Session 1 Session eHPWAS'22 - HP2: e-Health Data: processing, sharing, and challenges*  
Session Chair:
Tayeb Lemlouma
  Jasna Karacic
Europe, we have a problem! Challenges to health data-sharing in the EU

  Daria Alekseeva; Aleksandr Ometov; Elena Simona Lohan
Towards the Advanced Data Processing for Medical Applications Using Task Offloading Strategy

  Jose Manuel Negrete Ramirez; Célia Martinie; Philippe Palanque; Yudith C. Cardinale
A task-model based approach for detecting ADL-related anomalies

12:30 - 14:00 * Lunch
14:00 15:30 * Room : 01
Session 1 Session eHPWAS'22 - HP3: e-Health platforms, solutions, and services* 
Session Chair:
Tayeb Lemlouma
  * Abdul Rahman Idrees; Robin Kraft; Rüdiger Pryss; Manfred Reichert; Tran Nguyen; Lena Stenzel; Harald Baumeister
Backend Concept of the eSano eHealth Platform for Internet- and Mobile-based Interventions

Best Paper Award Philipp Schilk; Kanika Dheman; Michele Magno
VitalPod: A Low Power In-Ear Vital Parameter Monitoring System

  * Christos Goumopoulos; Emmanouil Drakakis; Dimitris Gklavakis
Augmented and Virtual Reality Based Exergames in GAME2AWE for Elderly Fall Prevention

  * Carlos Abreu; Sergio Ivan Lopes; André Rocha
A Cost-effective Infrared Thermographic System for Diabetic Foot Screening

15:30 - 16:00 * Coffee Break
16:00 17:30 * Room : 01
Session 1 Session eHPWAS'22 - HP4: Sensor-based e-Health frameworks* 
Session Chair:
Tayeb Lemlouma
  * Tianliang Li; Pei Qing Feng; Chen Zhao
Plastic Optical Fiber Sensor-based Smart Mattress For Sleeping Posture Remote Monitoring

  Adamantios Ntanis; Nicholas Kostikis; Ilias Tsimperis; Kostas M. Tsiouris; George Rigas; Dimitrios Fotiadis
Evaluating Parameters of the TUG Test Based on Data from IMU and UWB Sensors

  Dionysios Koulouris; Antonis Pardos; Parisis Gallos; Andreas Menychtas; Ilias Maglogiannis
Integrating AR and IoT Services into mHealth Applications for Promoting Wellbeing

  * Kanika Dheman; David Werder; Michele Magno
Cardiac monitoring novel low-power sensor measuring upper thoracic electrostatic charge variation

19:00 * Welcome Cocktail
* 25 minutes max per paper including 10 min of questions

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