the Eleventh International Workshop on
Pervasive Wireless Applications and Services
June 21, 2023 - Montreal, Canada
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Program schedule

      Wednesday, June 21, 2023

  8:30 - 13:00 * Registration (Place)
9:30 11:10 * Room : M-2203
Session 1 Session HP1: eHPWAS SESSION 1: Healthcare Data Management and Security *  
Session Chair(s):
Guann-Pyng Li (University of California, Irvine, USA), Tayeb Lemlouma (University of Rennes, Lannion, France)
Pedro Augusto Da Silva E Souza Miranda, Jasleen Kaur and Plinio P Morita (University of Waterloo, Canada)
UbiSecE: UbiLab's Secure Cloud Environment for Public Health Research in Microsoft Azure

  Teena Arora (Federation University, Australia); Venki Balasubramanian, Andrew Stranieri and Arun Neupane (Federation University Australia, Australia)
Clinically Prioritized Data Visualization in Remote Patient Monitoring

  Hanzhong Gao and Yanjun Liu (The George Washington University, USA); Jianwei Gao (Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China); Jingjuan Li (Institute of Vegetables, China)
Food Nutrient Extraction Based on Image Recognition and Entity Extraction

  Irfhana Zakir Hussain (University of Waterloo, Canada & SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India); Jasleen Kaur, Matheus Lotto, Zahid Ahmad Butt and Plinio P Morita (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Design & Development of Misinformation Analysis System for Govt Prevention of Public Health Crises

  Sydney Peters (AbbVie, USA); Tiancheng He (Abbvie, USA); Yunzhao Xing (Statistical Innovation - Global Therapeutics - Abbvie, USA); Rameez Chatni (Informational Research - AbbVie, USA); In-Ho Song (Immunology Clinical Development - AbbVie, USA); Michelle Crouthamel (Digital Science - Global Therapeutics - AbbVie, USA); Nancy Curran (Clinical Pharmcology - Global Therapeutics - AbbVie, USA); Dan Webster (Digital Science- Global Therapeutics AbbVie, USA); Matthew D. Czech (Digital Science - Global Therapeutics - AbbVie, USA); Jie Shen (AbbVie, USA)
Actigraphy-Based Algorithm for Spinal Range of Motion Assessment for Axial Spondyloarthritis Patient

11:10 - 11:30 * Coffee Break

11:30 - 12:30 * Room M-1120
Keynote Speaker 1

12:45 - 14:00 * Lunch
14:00 15:40 * Room : M-2203
Session 1 Session HP2: eHPWAS SESSION 2: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare*  
Session Chair:
Saadi Boudjit (University Sorbonne Paris Nord, France), Tayeb Lemlouma (University of Rennes, Lannion, France)
Carolina del Real Mata (McGill University, Canada); Olivia Jeanne (Mcgill University, Canada); Tamer AbdElFatah, Mahsa Jalali, Haleema Khan and Sara Mahshid (McGill University, Canada)
Support Vector Machine for minute Colorimetric Classification of Viral RNA

  Kaio Bin (Hospital Das Clínicas Da Faculdade de Medicina Da Universidade de São Paulo & Instituto de Medicina Física e Reabilitação, Brazil); Lucas Ramos De Pretto and Fábio Beltrame Sanchez (Hospital Das Clínicas Da Faculdade de Medicina Da Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil); Linamara Battistella (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Accuracy and precision of smartwatch for patient monitoring in Out-of-Hospital environment

  Guang Lu, Lukas Große Westermann and Patric Eberle (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland)
Plug-and-play Text-based Emotion Recognition for Chatbots as Virtual Companions for Older People

15:40 - 16:00 * Coffee Break
16:00 17:40 * Room : M-2203
Session 1 Session HP3: eHPWAS SESSION 3: IoT and Wearable Devices in Healthcare* 
Session Chair:
Tayeb Lemlouma (University of Rennes, Lannion, France)
Wenrui Lin and Guann-Pyng Li (University of California, Irvine, USA)
A Wearable Auricular Laser Acupuncture Device with IoT Sensors for Personalized Wellness Enhancement

Saadi Boudjit (University Sorbonne Paris Nord, France); Marwen Abdennebi (L2TI Laboratory, University of Paris Nord, France); Audace Manirabona (University of Burundi, France & University of Paris 13, Burundi); Nawel Zangar (ESIEE PARIS, France)
End-to-End 5G Priority Scheduling Strategy for a WBAN Health Monitoring System

  Héctor Aravena and Miguel Arredondo (Universidad Andres Bello, Chile); Carlos Fuentes (Universidad Andres Bello, France); Carla Taramasco (Universidad Andres Bello, Chile); Diego Alcocer (Hospital Provincia Cordillera, Chile); Gustavo Gatica (Universidad Andres Bello & Santiago de Chile, Chile)
Predictive Treatment of Third Molars Using Machine Learning and Panoramic Radiographs

  Anastasis C Polycarpou, Panayiotis Antoniou and Marios Nestoros (University of Nicosia, Cyprus)
Smartphone Camera as a Diagnostic tool for Detection of Pulse Rate and Blood Oxygen Concentration

19:30 * Welcome Cocktail
* 20 minutes max per paper including 5 min of questions

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